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UTA Gallery Critique: Sarah Williams & Amy Blakemore

The Sarah Williams and Amy Blakemore exhibition at the University of Texas gallery was remarkable. Sarah Williams’ paintings were so life like and captivating. Amy Blakemore’s photos were riveting and interesting.

            The lighting was appropriate from each piece of work. From far way, the lighting made Williams’ paintings look like photographs, but up close, you could see how the magnificent brushstrokes made the masterpieces look so real. As for Blakemore’s work, the lighting just amplified the details of the photos and made you ask yourself more questions about the composition of the photos.

            Everything was nicely spaced out: nothing too close, nothing to far. It never made one piece of work clash with the others.

But for Williams’ parking lot paintings, they were placed closer together to show how they related and it flowed well.

            I like how they put Williams’ big painting of the tent by itself. It was a miraculous piece of work that deserved to be shown off by itself, but it made it seem like Blakemore’s work wasn’t as important.

            Another thing I wish was present was a theme. There was no surrounding theme or statement that ted everything together. I think it would have made everything more complex and made the visitors think about the artwork in a different way.

            Amy Blakemore’s works made you understand how people’s possessions can describe and portray them. Just by looking at the items, you felt like you knew them. Sarah Williams amazed you with her skill and technique. She took such simple places and transformed them into places you now want to go to. Much of the paintings took imagination to add details and colors that weren’t there in real life.

            In the end, everyone seemed to have a lot of questions and were thoroughly intrigued with the concepts and techniques of the artists.

Film Viewing Critique

            For my film viewing I went to go see Black Nativity. It was an amazing story about a son and his young mother’s struggles. There was a secret that troubled his soul and he was forced to try to provide since his father wasn’t a part of his life. Eventually, his mother could do no more to keep their house and had to send him to her parents.

            It was a great story with amazing actors with amazing voices. Jennifer Hudson blew me away with her voice as always. Forest Whitaker shocked everyone with his vocals. Wardrobe and make-up did a good job making everyone fit their role. Tyrese is usual such a handsome man, but in the film he looked like a rugged criminal, as he was supposed to. They cast people with such amazing voices that got the message across. Their voices were so passionate and real.

            I liked how they had the nativity story come in his dream and not be portrayed through the church. It made the story feel more intimate since he was apart of the story. The part of the story where they show how the Reverend had flaws and made a mistake was important to me since I came from a family full of pastors. It touched me to know that they wanted to show that no one is perfect no matter how bad they try to be.

            My problem with it was the way they made Mary J. Blige wasn’t flattering (her wig was kind of ugly), and the film was on the short side. They could’ve added some more details to the story.

            Overall, the film was great. It had my mom and I crying because it was so touching. I would recommend this movie to everyone I know. You really get a sense of what many urban African Americans go through. It’s like a “behind the scene” into urban life.

Tiara’s Elevator Pitch

♡ How-To | 5 Easy Super Cute Natural Hair Styles! ♡

This girl has some talent with taking care of her hair. I love her videos & her style.

Rihanna - What Now (Official)

I think this is the real Rihanna. That “Shine Bright Like A Diamond, Pour It Up” stuff is just society & the industry controlling her. 

Museum Experience-Late Night at the DMA

It was finally time to go to Late Night at the DMA for the “Museum Experience” project.

            I came home from class and started cleaning our apartment.  I called my dad to remind him that this event was tonight. I would’ve driven myself, but he didn’t feel comfortable letting me drive and park by myself in Dallas traffic. We talked and he said he would be here around 5 and to be ready. That’s when he dropped the bomb on me. He wasn’t going to participate with me, he was just going to drive me there and sit in the car. That’s no fun at all. Now I had to experience this all by myself in a gigantic museum I had never been to before. But I got over it and then, the fun began. I started to pick out my outfit. I decided to get all dolled up and wore this black and grey Lauren Conrad dress I bought awhile back, a pink cardigan with this huge flower on it, my grey TOMS, and a huge pink flower in my hair.

            I was done getting ready just in time and we were off on our journey. My dad’s driving and I’m trying to pay attention on how to get there. The freeway was surprisingly clear and there was no traffic at all. We got lucky. Now the GPS is telling us exactly where it is and we make it to the DMA with thirty minutes to spare. At that point we just sit there bonding until its time for me to go in.

            I walk in and everyone is so nice and gives me brochures and guides me to check my umbrella in, and I spot Mrs. Mitchell. I go to check in with her and I sit there and have a little chat with her and her other students from a more advanced class. She mad sure I knew what I was looking for and everything. Then I went off to explore. I would up walking too far and some nice ladies helped me realize that I needed to go upstairs. But first they got me all signed up with the “DMA Friends” system and told me how to earn points.

            I finally make it to the second floor, got my points, and started looking at the European paintings. Now, I was never a fan of the European art but tonight some just amazed me and I didn’t want to leave. I hesitated to take pictures because I didn’t know if I could but I was too scared to ask anyone. Professor Mitchell told me I could but I was still afraid so I cautiously took some pictures. Then I went to the next floor and wandered between the ancient Americas, Africa, Indonesia, and South Asia sections, making sure to get all of my points on the way. I started recording my thoughts on the pieces, noticing the placement, lighting, and overall feeling of the room.

            I finally got done around 7:10 and made my way back to the car. Halfway there I realized that I left my umbrella so I rushed back. I finally got it and got lectured by the “check-in” lady on how I should stay longer and went back to my dad to brag about what he missed. We left and started to get on the traffic filled freeway. My dad wanted to bypass all of the traffic and somehow went the wrong way and we wound up at the American Airlines Center. But no need to panic, my dad always knows how to get back on track. We hit a little bit of traffic but not much. Most of the traffic was going into Dallas. We stopped by McDonalds and I got some fries and hot chocolate, and then made it home.

            The whole experience was better than I expected and I definitely plan on going back one day. It wade me realize how much I was missing out on and I want to help other people realize it as well.

The Best of Orange Is The New Black {A Little Less Conversation}

I LOOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEEE this series, I NEED them to start another series. Very appealing film/video/series. Must see.

Critical Thinking Activity #5
Best of Foundations Flyer

Critical Thinking Activity #5

Best of Foundations Flyer

I wish I had the talent to do this lol.

I wish I had the talent to do this lol.

I might have to try this.

I might have to try this.